Hello World!

This is Will and this post is a brief intro to us… because I’m a nerd, of course it had to start with “Hello World!”

This site will be a simple way for me/us (mostly me) to keep track of our progress after having bariatric surgery (specifically vertical sleeve gastrectomies). We’ll post pictures and information about ourselves, but also about the process and hopefully some interviews with other folks that have gone through the same or other bariatric surgeries.

Why do this?

  • Bariatric surgery is a HUGE step to try to fight obesity and not one that should be taken lightly. If we can provide information that helps someone make an informed decision, that is wonderful.
  • Maybe it’ll be inspirational or something along those lines. We’ll see!


Join us on this journey. It will almost certainly evolve over time into a convenient place for us to catalogue our lives and share our family with you and your over the years.