We Left Our Stomachs in Mexico!

I’ve made it fairly obvious this site would be about Kylie and I’s progress (and the process) of losing weight after undergoing the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (gastic sleeve) operation. Obviously, that will include pictures of our bodies as they change… but I thought it would be cool to show just what was removed during our surgeries.

Kylie had her surgery on March 16th 2021 with Dr. JP Fernandez at the Oasis Of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. We both used Quality Medical Facilitators to organize our surgeries.

Dr. JP Fernandez holding a stomach after gastric sleeve surgery

Will had his surgery on May 31st 2021 with Dr. JP Fernandez (also at Oasis Of Hope).

So, that’s what we left in Mexico!

A few quick flights across the country, countless hours of coordinating with some wonderful folks at QMF, and we left our stomachs in Mexico. Kylie is melting away like a snowball in the Texas sun and Will.. Will is just getting started!
Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next time!