Two Weeks After Gastric Sleeve

I was sleeved on 5/31/2021. Two weeks ago, exactly.

I realize that everyone’s experiences will be different, but so far mine has been fairly easy (as far as recovery). Laying around not doing much is a bit of a different story; I’m used to going a thousand miles an hour at work and not generally having a lot of room to breathe until the day is over and I’m on the way home.

That has been a change.

However, recovery…. I did have a little bit of gas pain from being inflated so they could operate, but it wasn’t horrible. While flying home, I thought I over-extended while stretching and popped an incision (I didn’t, but the pain was rough for about 10 seconds). Since then, my biggest struggle by far has been watching my little guy (who turned 4 this morning) eat without me. He likes to try whatever I’m eating and loves to share the stuff he doesn’t want to eat.

Two weeks of turning down his bites of whatever EveryPlate meal Kylie has cooked (and they’ve smelled and looked delicious, by the way!) and prepping the kiddos snacks while I drink my Fairlife Protein Shakes and eat my sugar-free popsicles hasn’t been super easy. But…

I made it. Today is two weeks after surgery. My incisions are healing well, I’m down to just my Omeprazole as a precaution for acid-reflux/heartburn and waiting for an appointment to adjust my other meds.

I’m down almost 20 pounds from surgery and was down 30 from my last doctor’s appointment in April before that. Two months, 50 pounds (almost) wiped out. My blood sugar (T2 diabetic) has been staying below 80 before meals and being below 100 again within two hours after eating. My sleep has been rough, but that’s part of not having as much to do while I heal.

I’m doing well. I will continue to do well. I will continue to document it all for you and yours to see.

So, how are you today? Let me know in the comments.

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