Qore Logiq Abdominal Binder Review

Photo from the Qore Logiq site… Not me!

I shot a message to the folks at Qore Logiq to ask about trying their abdominal binders out and they graciously sent me and Kylie both an abdominal binder to try out. This review of the Qore Logiq abdominal binder was not paid for and will be an honest look at the Qore Logiq abdominal binder.

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What is the Qore Logiq Abdominal Binder For?

The Qore Logiq abdominal binder (like any abdominal binder) is intended to offer support for the abdomen after surgery, to provide a slimming effect, to decrease inflammation by providing light compression, and to even decrease orthostatic intolerance (that light headed feeling when you stand up too fast, which I never had issues with pre-surgery but do now).

What is the Qore Logiq Abdominal Binder Made Of?

All product listings list polyester and nylon as the only materials used in the binder. I don’t have percentages, but it’s a very stretchy binder and capable of offering some pretty good compression.

Opening the Qore Logiq Abdominal Binder

Not a lot to cover here, but I did snap a few pics:

The Qore Logiq abdominal binder arrives in a laundry bag so it can be washed easily.
The Qore Logiq binder opened and removed from packaging.
The Qore Logiq binder opened and removed from packaging.

Qore Logiq Abdominal Binder in Use: The Stuff That Matters

I put my binder on immediately after receiving it (I will spare you all the pictures for now; I wear it under my clothes… We’re not going there.). It definitely provides some support to the stomach/abdomen. Putting it on by yourself can take a few minutes to get it on and straight so there aren’t any wrinkles in the fastener area. The hook side of the definitely not VELCRO fastener attaches anywhere on the length of the binder, to the material itself.

I have the 3XL and it is more than large enough for me, the 2X fits Kylie well (with extra material left over).

The only issues I ended up having with the binder are:

  • It/I got hot after a while (but I kinda expected that).
  • The top and bottom edges of the material became annoying after a bit. I doubt this would be a concern if worn over clothing (or over an undershirt).

Since having my gastric sleeve, I’ve had issues with getting dizzy when standing from a squatted position (usually after talking with my son). Wearing the binder did help a little with this, but the dizziness was still there.

Overall, it was comfortable and I felt good wearing it.

Qore Logiq Abdominal Binder: The Verdict

The Qore Logiq binder fit well and provided some good support. I did have concerns about the hook and loop fastener (It’s not VELCRO® <—- go to that link. It’s hilarious how much money the VELCRO brand spends fighting all hook and loop being called VELCRO) wearing out the material of the binder to a point it wouldn’t fasten anymore. I spoke with a company representative and they assured me that as the material gets fuzzier from use (the little hooks pull it) that it actually sticks better than before. However, they also explained that the material can be trimmed off if a customer prefers it.

While I do get warm wearing it and the edges annoy me (because I don’t want to wear a third layer of clothing), the support the Qore Logiq binder offers is nice and the difference it makes in me getting dizzy is wonderful. The binder also would serve folks well that are looking for a slimming effect to “suppress” any curves they don’t necessarily want on view.

It isn’t perfect (they’re still reworking the product, I’ve been told), but if you’d like to pick one up they are available from Amazon!

Purchases on barryatriclife.com may result in a small commission, which helps keep the site up and running.