Motivation Monday #1

I found the quote above about a year ago looking for something to put as my e-mail signature at work; I’d been frustrated with on-going issues from COVID-19 (as had everyone) and ended up printing a little “meme” style picture of it and clipping it to the wall next to the desk.

It stayed up there for a while, where I could see it every time I walked back into the office. Over the course of the year, I ended up rotating several other little quotes out on the wall but this one in particular meant more.

Giving up when things get hard is… foolish. There will be missteps, failings and set-backs. They are unavoidable.

Remember what you’ve sacrificed to get where you are.

Think about the goals you have, the reasons you set those goals, and push quitting out of your mind.

Find someone to talk to. Start a website with a oh-so-ridiculous pun for a name that it drives you nuts to post about your journey and your struggle. Start a journal. Start a podcast. Get a chisel and some stone slates and chronicle your struggles biblically, ten commandments style on some fancy mountain granite.

Do what it takes to keep going, always.

You’ve got this. We’ve got this.