BariatricPal Belgian Chocolate Caramel 500MG Calcium Citrate Soft Chew Review

Let’s get some FTC required formalities out of the way:

I received this product at no cost to me as a partner of the BariatricPal Store Partner Program. Any purchases made on the BariatricPal Store website by clicking a link on this post will make me some pocket change.

(The Federal Trade Commission requires this sort of disclosure to show that I may be biased as I received the item for free. With that in mind, whether it sucks or not I’m going to let you know… Who wants to spend 30 bucks on vitamins that taste like poo?)

Now, about the Calcium Chews:

Shortly after surgery, I was looking for some various supplements that are required for bariatric patients…. Kylie had already bought some various stuff (and used most of hers before switching to tablets) and had an opinion of some of them.

“This one is chalky.”

“I just don’t like this, it tastes weird.”

When offered the chance to try the Belgian Chocolate Calcium Chews, I was pretty excited to be honest. I wasn’t having to pay for them just to find out they were horrendous (or maybe not).

When I received them, I popped the bag open and chewed one up.

They definitely taste like chocolate and caramel, but you also know you’re not eating a Werther’s chewy caramel. This is a calcium supplement and it tastes like a calcium supplement.

That isn’t to say it’s like chomping on the remnant’s from your 3rd grade teacher’s chalkboard, but there is a bit of a chalk taste. Maybe instead of eating the chalk, it’s like taste then chalk dust out of the air.

I haven’t had another brand of calcium supplements or anything, but these are tolerable. If I try other ones and they are horrible, at least I have a good fallback.

What Is In The BariatricPal Belgian Chocolate Caramel 500MG Calcium Citrate Soft Chews?

500mg of calcium citrate, obviously. However, they don’t stop there. These chews actually have 20mcg of Vitamin D (100% of the daily recommended amount) and 250 million CFUS of probiotics. There isn’t a daily recommendation for probiotics or anything, but the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health page on probiotics explains some of various benefits that probiotics are believed to offer. There’s anecdotal evidence of probiotics helping keep you regular as well (which we all know can be an issue after any bariatric surgery!).

In Conclusion: Are the BariatricPal Belgian Chocolate Caramel 500MG Calcium Chews Worth It?

The taste isn’t bad and they offer Vitamin D and probiotics where some other brands don’t. They almost feel like indulging in a bite of a chocolate bar, but then there’s the chalk dust aftertaste (which doesn’t last long). As far as price goes? Most of the calcium chews I looked at were priced either the same within a dollar or two, or after equalizing for quantity (some brands were only available in 30ct bags), they are priced nearly the exact same as every other calcium chew on the market. GNC is the exception, where a 30ct bag cost $19.99, meaning you’ll end up paying $60 for the same number of calcium chews.

Will I buy them when I run out? Probably not, but only because I want to try other brands and flavors.

If you’d like to try them, hit this link!

Keep working, keep moving forward, and we’ll see ya next time!