Motivation Monday #2

Today is the beginning of my fifth week after surgery and the scale has been hovering within half a pound of the same number for a few days. Anyone who has had bariatric surgery ends up having plateaus and stalls (it’s just part of the process).

I suspect that going to the gym 3 or 4 days last week dehydrated me some and my body is catching up on those fluids while I’m actually losing fat. I don’t have any fancy-schmanchy science to back that up, but it’s a decent guess.

We spent time with family for the fourth and had a blast!

Kylie made us plates of various soft(ish) foods and we both killed some protein (brisket and sausage)… I had a few bites of a piece of potato out of potato salad and ended up stuffed.

We’ll be headed back to the gym this evening to get some more cardio in. Only a week or so away from starting some weight lifting!

Keep moving forward!