Social Sunday #1

Kylie and I’s Social Links

I thought Sunday would be a great day to share the social links and stories for some of the folks that are inspiring me lately. Maybe it’s their weight loss. Maybe it’s their attitude. Regardless of the reasons, the folks I share on Sundays in these social posts are people I think may be worth checking out!

Jeremy is one of the first folks I found starting out on this journey. He’s been at it for years and his progress is incredible. He’s obviously all about his kiddo, but looking through his Instagram, it looks a lot like we were similar in build starting out. He’s positive. He’s inspiring. He’s driven. He is worth the follow.

This video in particular shows a lot of his progress off. Not to mention the audio.. Follow him. It’s worth it.

@Kylie.Escaping.Obesity (because duh)

Next up is the woman I love… Corny? Maybe. Real? Hell Yeah!

Kylie not only puts up with me, she pushes me to do and be more. She started her post-VSG journey a little before me, but she is absolutely killing it. She’s lost 94 pounds since the beginning of her pre-op diet and is still going.


Go check them out and drop the folks you love or that are inspiring you in the comments!