Random Update: Thursday 7/22/21


So… I started back to work. Those that know, know. Those that don’t… well, I don’t work in an air conditioned memory foam pillow factory with a gaming center and a coffee bar. I work in a place that can be very hot (or very cold) and go from the most boring of boring places to more dangerous than an insurgent filled combat zone in 5 minutes.

So, there’s that.

But really, I’m kinda glad to be back at work. Keeps the mind busy for sure and hey, I’m also getting paid to move around a rather large facility and do some stair climbing (plus the stuff I’m actuallly getting paid to do).


Workouts have absolutely not stopped. I’m still doing a 5 day split (which, with rest days brings me to a whole 7 day cycle) that has both been kicking my ass but making me feel good. I may have strained something a little yesterday in my chest/neck working on my chest and shoulders, but it seems to be sore instead of injured.

In a single week, most of my lifts have seen a decent (25%ish on most of them) increase. I thought I was going to die from being sore last week, this week I feel like Jell-o leaving the gym and then just wake up a touch sore instead of feeling like my muscles are full of razor blades.


Because of the workouts, I’m focusing almost entirely on protein. My nutrition plan after surgery requires 80-100 grams of protein a day, I’m trying for between 120 and 150 a day.

Due to that, I’m getting more calories than the plan calls for but I’m also doing a little more strenuous of a workout more often than I believe most VSG folks are doing so soon after surgery. Work also means 7-10 miles of walking a day.

Weight Loss:

My Renpho scale (if you are looking for a scale, just go buy the damn thing. Seriously.) shows that I’ve dropped 2.6 pounds-ish since the 15th. I’m ecstatic for that, but there’s more to it than the scale for me. Looking at the other stuff the scale makes available, it shows that I’ve increased my muscle mass by a pound or so lost a pound or so.

That means that my arms, legs, and back feeling stronger and firmer isn’t just me being full of shit trying to convince myself I’m gaining muscle while I lose fat.


I’m doing well. Obviously, I’m tired. I’m doing way more in a day now than I used to do in a week. I crash at night before Kylie can even get into an episode of The Blacklist, then I sleep hard until time to get up in the morning. I’m probably definitely not getting enough sleep on work days, but I don’t really have an option at the moment. 0500-1900 plus the necessities (dinner, workout, shower, putting on clothing) puts me at 7 hours of sleep if I’m perfect at getting everything done.

I’m not perfect at a fucking thing, ever. So realistically, I’m going on about 5-6 hours of sleep on work days. Days off? I get 8 at night and maybe another 2 during the day if I start feeling nappish.


A lot of Motiversity and Coach Pain.

My musical taste has always been all over the radar, but lately it’s motivational speeches with the kind of music you hear in the background of spartan battle scenes. Some (a lot) of it is kinda hoke-y, but hitting the gym by myself means I usually need something to push me.


So… how are you doing?? How’s your work? Your food? What’s motivating you? What are you listening to? Leave a comment!