Road Trips, Journeys, and “The Ride”

One thing I’ve always felt like was awesome along the way on any road trip or random journey to anywhere is “The Ride”.

For me, the ride is all of the stuff that happens along the way. The cool car. The weird house. The crazy billboards about religion that never fail to be within a mile of the nearest sex toy shop. The weird local whatevers, the gas stations (Bucee’s comes to mind, but so do the little ma and pa shops with bomb-ass deep fried garbage burritos that I shouldn’t eat anymore)… “The Ride”.

What about “The Ride”?

What does it have to do with this journey? With this lifestyle change, with me eating better, with weight loss and psychological changes?


You see…. it started with the surgery, when I left my stomach in Mexico. I expected to lose weight, sure. That’s kinda the point. I expected to hit the gym.. I’ve always enjoyed a good workout. I’d heard the stories about people being refilled with life, refueled, elevated to new ways of thinking.

I didn’t expect it. I didn’t expect to have what should be days off from the gym as part of the program I’m following and be craving a trip to the gym just to do something. I didn’t expect to get super in to working out and social media and being supported by and supportive of so many people. New people. Old people. Friends. Family.

Some folks talk about feeling like they get more attention after/during weight loss. Sure. It happens. But is the weight loss the cause? Or is it someone not being a negative shit-bird that has a more positive outlook and makes them generally more fun to be around?

Is it the weight loss? Or is it someone smiling more and seeming more approachable? Is it them changing how they carry themselves because for the first time in however long they’ve started to give a fuck again?

I don’t know. I’m not a motivational guru or some world class psychologist.

But, at the end of the day? People who aren’t extraordinarily soul-suckingly negative? I prefer them.

I’ve meandered some from what I wanted to talk about here, but hey… this whole thing mostly gets read by two or three close folks and liked by a bunch of bots.

The ride I mentioned in this journey? It’s just as physical as 8 hour road trip to a beach that smells like shit, has nasty green water, and leaves your heels stained with tar-balls from a catastrophic oil well failure in the Gulf Of Mexico.

There’s cool shit along the away for sure. This metaphorical trip though has scenery replaced by emotions, cool gas stations replaced by bodily changes, and that ache in your tailbone from sitting in one position for too long replaced by your legs going numb because your ass isn’t as fat as it was 3 months ago.

And like the most epic of road-trips, even the most fun ones that have ever occurred? There are parts that aren’t fun.

I’m sore. The working out 5 days a week means I’m sore 7 days a week. I’m pushing hard.. time will tell if it’s too hard.

But it’s worth it.. just like finally stepping out of the car and hearing the waves slapping on the beach, it’s worth it. The changes are there. My body is physically changing in ways that the surgery alone couldn’t possibly accomplish. My arms are much firmer. My waist is smaller and my back is stronger. I crave deadlifts. I fucking loathed deadlifts in school.

So, much like a real trip across the state or even the country, I buckle back up and keep riding.

Cause the ride? Damnit, I love the ride.