Little Projects

I’m a wanna-be creative. I’m also hyper-critical of things I create and tend to throw ideas that would have been decent in the trash/deleting them/not sharing.

I’m trying to not do that any more.

I’ve designed shirts and sold them on for forever, but only sold a few items here and there. Now, with the Barryatric Life thing… I have a specific thing to design for.

I’ve made a Barryatric Life shirt:

I’ve made a #sleevegang shirt:

and I’ve made a bunch of other miscellaneous that you can see by clicking here (my storefront).

Maybe buy something? Maybe don’t. Either way, I’m trying to remember that often the perfect is the enemy of the good. The chase for a perfect idea has stopped me from trying something too many times and I want to get over that.

Hope all is well, wherever you are.