Fit3d Body Scan

I’ve been hitting my local Crunch Fitness 5 days a week doing the workout program I picked out and finally got around to getting my body scan done.

I showed up at the gym, created an account, and was escorted to a little room with the scanner.
Xavier (who didn’t introduce himself, but did a good job of trying to sell me personal training and dietary advice) explained how the process worked.

You strip to your underwear, stand on a little pedestal/podium, grip two handles and press a button on both handles.

The podium spins you like a hog on a spit and an array of scanners scans you, taking measurements and analyzing body composition.

The body composition stuff isn’t perfect, but the measurements are supposed to be really fucking close to perfect.

In the spirit of being real with myself and real with anyone that cares enough to check this website out, I present to you my 3D body scan images:

Surprise, surprise… I’m a fat kid. Messing with their website this morning, I also uncovered this gem:

I want to turn that video into a .stl file and print versions of myself as I lose. Gotta figure out that technomancer part of stuff.

MeasurementValue Inches
Left Biceps16.1
Right Biceps16
Left Forearm13.4
Right Forearm12.2
Left Thigh29.1
Right Thigh27.4
Left Calf19.4
Right Calf19.1
Here’s a handy-dandy table of the measurements it took.

Anyway, I thought it was awesome. I’m going to do a monthly scan for comparisons.

By the numbers compared to us measuring at home with tape, I’ve already dropped 5 inches at my waist and another inch off of both biceps.

Numerically verifiable progress rocks.

What are you doing today?