Social Sunday #2

Kylie and I’s Social Links

Trying to keep up with life! Work, the gym, the kids. Kylie. Life. Something has to give.

It’s been the website. So, let’s not keep doing that.


This dude is a co-worker and my brother (blood, but not biological. You wouldn’t understand unless you already know…). This dude saw me start my journey and decided he wanted in.

He’s killing it in the gym with me every time I go and getting extra in on the side.

He’s lost a decent chunk of weight just with dietary changes and adding in some weights and light cardio. He’s there, pushing with me when it sucks and we’re tired.

He’s also willing to just be fuckin’ goofy. That matters. He’s not as crazy with social media as me, but damnit the dude is doing work.


This dude is a ball of positivity. He’s also prone to posting his pool, which I’m jealous of.

At 100 pounds down, he’s definitely an inspiration. On top of just pics of himself, he posts healthy food and lots of little inspirational meme type stuff… little bits to remind someone to keep going even when you might be discouraged. He also has an adorable doggo.

This isn’t a world class post.. I might even classify it as a shit post. But both of them are definitely worth following!