Switching Gears (Or Not)

For the last 5/6-ish weeks, I’ve been doing a weight lifting program designed to build strength and put on muscle at the same time. It consisted of a 5 day split with two off days. It got good results;
weights I struggled with on day one aren’t worth picking up anymore and some of the lifts I’ve surpassed the pre-loaded barbells.

Week one on leg day, squats kicked my ass at 175… Like, struggling to get in 5 repetitions. This week, my first set on leg day was 235 and I hit 10 reps. Similar increases came with my deadlifts; there was almost a 100 pound difference over the course of the program. Part of that is re-learning what I’m capable of (didn’t want to pull or tear something on day 1), but part of it has just been just decent strength gains. Do I think I put 100 pounds on my deadlift in 5 weeks?

Hell no.

Do I think I increased it substantially? Yes.

I’ve even went a little lighter than I probably could go the last two weeks because the fear of tearing my back up is there. Maybe I don’t need a belt yet, but I’d rather play it cautious and get one.

Fat boy belts are expensive.

So, I’m debating a change. Switch up the workout a bit (it’s time for a deload anyway) and focus on fat loss… or keep pushing heavier weights. Research says I’ll lose more fat that way anyway…

Decisions, decisions.

Regardless, I’ll be keeping the updates coming.