Motivational Monday #5

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Monday, we meet again! Another week in the books, another week of workouts, another week of work.

One of the things that happens after someone starts losing weight/getting their shit together/living again, is they get more attention.

Attention from haters. Attention from new folks. Good attention. Bad attention.

That attention comes with intentions. Some of those folks see someone making changes and they wish they could. They wish they had time, money, or dedication.

And those things don’t come easy.

I used to think about getting back into working out, into losing weight, about getting more fit. Hell, I’d dream about it.

But I struggled to do anything about it.

I didn’t want it enough, wasn’t putting in the work, and felt like I didn’t have the time or money to try.

My gastric sleeve surgery gave me a jump start; I had 6 weeks off of work while losing weight and gaining energy to try to get a train that had never seen the tracks back on track.

I’m doing great. The weight loss isn’t going as swimmingly as I’d like, but I’m seeing physical changes. I hit 285 for 5 reps on squat this morning…. Low for my build, but I was struggling at 225 a month ago.

Dead lifts… I loathed dead lifts with every fiber of my being in school. Squats? Lets go. Bench? Fuck yeah. Dead lifts? I gotta go to the bathroom…. Damn, I missed dead lifts.

Now, I look forward to them. I even hit 285 for one today, which is more than I ever made happen before.

I’ve got a project. I’ve always got a project. This website. My instagram. Making cups. Making vinyl. Drawing. Photography. Projects, always.

But my biggest project now? Me.

So, I take the time to work on the biggest project. I work 14 hour days 4 days a week… and I still go to the gym. I’m probably not getting enough sleep on those days for the workouts I’m doing, but I’m progressing. The project is being worked on.

If you aren’t working towards something, you’ll die with nothing.

So…. get committed. Make it work. Do the work. Don’t stop.