Transformation Tuesday

Oh, the difference a year can make. A year that contained gastric sleeve surgery and a metric shit ton of hard work.

Left is at my brother’s wedding… Right is a few days ago.

We’re progressing. We’re working at it. We’re transforming. Kylie is a little more go with the flow than me, but I’m making efforts to consume as much protein as I can while not going over what I need to to burn fat. It’s showing.

I’m still doing the same workout plan I was following a month ago after much deliberation… It’s working and my body fat is going down while I’m putting on muscle. Weight loss has slowed, but positive changes in body composition and my clothes fitting better absolutely count.

Staying busy on social media, as well… trying to motivate anyone who sees and is interested to make a change in their life:

So maybe hit one of the pics and give me a follow?

I’m also using various supplements to supplement my work.

I’m using WOKE AF, but this is the same stuff rebranded I think. Ingredients are the same. (Click the pic to go buy, if you’d like!)
This stuff, but an old jar I had sitting around.

And of course because I like making things, trying to “rep the brand” with some various Barryatric Life shirts I’ve designed.. one in the pic above of us, but you can see more of my stuff here:


If you buy a shirt, serotonin gets released in my brain
and I make 2 dollars.

So, we’re still transforming. We’re still working on little projects. We’re still making progress.

How are you today?