Legendary Foods Cake Style Chocolate Cake Pastry Review

Disclaimer: I did receive this product free from the Bariatric Pal Store. On a monthly basis, I get to pick out a few products to try out and review/share with folks. This is a (by FTC guidelines) sponsored post.

What is the Legendary Foods Cake Style Chocolate Cake Pastry?

Legendary Foods is a company that prides themselves on providing food that tastes good that isn’t horrible for you. It’s their whole thing.

So my business partner and I started a company that would allow us to satisfy our desire for fun, delicious food while actually moving us towards our nutritional and health goals instead of away from them.

Sounds simple enough. So why don’t all food companies do that?

Because it’s hard. It’s something we are obsessed about improving every day.

So we had to break all the rules. In the world of food companies, there are three core values that drive everything – taste, nutrition and cost. 

Every company has to pick any two since you can’t do all three. Everyone else always choose taste and cost. We chose taste and nutrition.

Ron Penna- Co-Founder

That’s a direct quote from one of their founders. They’re trying to make foods that can support nutritional goals without tasting like the dusty old chalkboard erasers some protein supplement foods can taste like.

The Chocolate Cake Tasty Pastry is designed to get some protein into you. Let’s look at the nutritional info:

Pretty simple. Little fat with a decent load of protein.

How does the Legendary Foods Cake Style Chocolate Cake Pastry taste?

It’s good. It’s not a world class desert that will make you feel like you’ve died of a chocolate overdose, but it isn’t bad. Definitely a strong chocolate flavor but you also know you’re eating a protein based snack. I didn’t heat mine up (You are supposed to nuke it for a bit) but I was hungry after leaving the gym.

It’s got a smidge of chocolate filling in the middle, but still is a little dry. Not chalky like a lot of different bars and protein based cake/pastry/treat snacks, but dry nonetheless.

It was also sweet… almost a perfect level of sweetness. It didn’t taste like they were trying to drown out the protein taste with sweetener, but it definitely could satisfy a sweet tooth craving.

Legendary Foods Cake Style Chocolate Cake Pastry

Where can I get a Legendary Foods Cake Style Chocolate Cake Pastry?

You can pick them up in all sorts of places. Amazon, the Bariatric Pal store, and direct from Legendary Foods.

Will I be getting more of them? Probably.. but I want to try the other flavors first!