Failure, Persistence and Perseverance

Barryatric Life is largely a website to post about my weight-loss journey, but on that journey I’m doing some heavy lifting both mentally and physically. The mental happens daily through introspection, through investigation of my habits, and through examination of the goals I’ve set and the progress I’m achieving on the journey. The physical? It happens in the gym, trying to get as strong as I can while simultaneously trying to eat right to continue to carve years of built up fat from nutritional neglect and laziness off of my body.

Failures happen. They are inevitable in a journey of growth. There are days that I may not get all the reps the plan calls for… but I push until I can’t.

Overtime, through persistence, that failure happens later. Or maybe it happens at a higher weight.

Or maybe it happens for an entirely different reason or during a different exercise. Maybe I physically succeed but I fall off of the path mentally for a bit.

These things happen, but they happen as a part of the process.

Persistence is defined by Merriam Webster as “to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning”. It’s going on when maybe there are signs you shouldn’t, when you encounter resistance, when something stands before you that might challenge you.

Perserverance is defined as “to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult”.

They go hand in hand, but they aren’t the same. Persistence is stubbornly pushing (maybe the wrong way). Perseverance is just pushing. It’s pushing through any discomfort toward a positive goal in the right way, despite setbacks or obstacles.

You’re going to have failures. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. Sometimes, that’s the chance to sit down to re-evaluate and reformulate. Redesign the plan of attack and persevere.

You’re going to have successes. They aren’t final. If you stop because you reached your goal, you will fail again. Set new goals. Obliterate them. Repeat the process.

You’ve got this. Keep going.